Soneva Jani's Private Residences

Overwater and Beachfront Island Residences

From overwater bliss to island reveries, Soneva Jani has the best of both worlds. Soft white sands, a glittering turquoise lagoon and endless days of luxurious living await.

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Our Overwater Residences

Each of our overwater private villas are fitted with luxurious, yet mindful, decor and furnishings. They range in size from 416 sqm to 1,226 sqm.

Full of natural light, uninhibited views of the lagoon, sweeping spaces and cozy niches, the overwater havens feel like home.

Our Island Residences

With the inviting pristine beach at your doorstep, the lagoon just beyond, and the island's greenery around you, our island Private Residences are ideal for beach lovers.

Customise your island home to suit your desires and needs, our dedicated team of designers, carpenters and builders will see to the rest.

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