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Our Materials

At Soneva, we strive to only use materials that are in keeping with our eco-friendly ethos to build and decorate our Private Residences.

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Materials Matter

We reuse and recycle lots of wood and glass to decorate our Private Residences, as well as sourcing sustainable materials from countries in Asia and Africa. All of our woods are grown on plantations. We also use a lot of cotton fabrics from Sri Lanka, which are hand woven by local women living in the countryside. We also use sticks found around our island, left over pieces of wood and aluminium.

I think that if you’re looking at the Maldives for property, then you can’t really do better than Soneva. For the simple reason that they manage it so well here, and so you don’t have any of the hassle that’s involved in property ownership and you have all the returns.

Margo Greig, previous owner of Villa One, Soneva Fushi

The Materials

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