“We came here on the recommendation of a friend, our first time in the Maldives. The minute we came here and spent a few days, we knew this really was a special place, and got involved looking at a private residence, and saw this spot and thought this really is spectacular, and an extraordinary opportunity to have a piece of this, this spectacular place.”

Margo and George Greig, previous owners of Villa One, Soneva Fushi

“We found that there was nowhere else that we’d been in the world that compared. Not just with the island itself and the Maldives, which we do think are exceptional, but Soneva and the concept.”

Mark Davies, owner of Villa 28, Soneva Jani

“The fact that you can come and be part of what is, in my view, the most fabulous resort that exists and have something a little bit different for it, something that you can really, properly delight in. You get that and you get the same return, for me it made perfect sense the minute I saw the numbers.”

Mark Davies, owner of Villa 28, Soneva Jani

“When you come here it is absolutely your own place, but when you’re not here you don’t have any concerns, people back home say “You own a property in the Maldives?’ or “How do you manage that?”, but actually it’s being managed for you and it’s being managed to a fabulous degree.”

Mark Davies, owner of Villa 28, Soneva Jani

“I think that if you’re looking at the Maldives for property, then you can’t really do better than Soneva. For the simple reason that they manage it so well here, and so you don’t have any of the hassle that’s involved in property ownership and you have all the returns.”

Margo Greig, previous owner of Villa One, Soneva Fushi

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