About Villa Ownership

Benefits of Villa Ownership

Soneva Villa Ownership is particularly appealing to those who return to the Maldives regularly for the following reasons:

▪ Our villas achieve a strong cash yield when rented out while owners are away from the resort.
▪ Capital prices, especially in the Maldives, have been appreciating by around 8% to 10% per annum.
▪ Owners also benefit from the use of their villa during their holidays, which can add up to a significant amount of savings over several years.

How You Benefit

Cash yield

Each of our Private Villas achieve a strong Cash Yield when rented out while their owners are away from the resort. On average, our owners use their villas for about 30 days a year and usually get a 3% - 4% cash yield after their expenses (0.5% to the long term improvement fund in the villa and 1.5% to cover the annual operating expenses etc.) if they stay at the resort outside of peak season.

Fully Maintained Villa

Each villa is fully maintained by the resort estate management team and includes the following maintenance services: general maintenance, repairing and replacing furniture, fixtures, equipment, defective parts for electrical installations and equipment, water supply and distribution systems, waste water treatment, air conditioning systems, 24/7 security, cleaning and gardening, pest control, pool cleaning, villa and common facilities insurance and provision of guest amenities like linen, towels, and toiletries in each villa. Villa owners are required to pay their share of the quarterly management fee, ownership costs and sinking fund costs as per the terms and conditions of the management/rental agreement.

Owner savings

As part of a villa transaction, Soneva offers many savings to owners including:

  • 20% savings on F&B (excluding alcoholic beverages and mini bar) and motorised water sports (excluding those operated by third parties like the Soleni Dive Centre, Gallery etc.)
  • 20% savings on all flight transfers (round trip) to/from Malé
  • Personal Barefoot Butler service
  • 2% commission on gross sale price for recommending a residential prospect and payable on successful signing of definitive sale and purchase agreements etc.

Capital Gain

As an example, rates at Soneva Fushi over the last 20 or so years have been compounding at somewhere between 7% - 10%. This would imply that over time the underlying capital price would appreciate at a similar level. Soneva Fushi has just had its first resale of a villa. That said, based on recent transactions, a property that was sold in 2011/ 2012 for US$ 7 million, today would fetch a little above US$ 10 million. So, a growth in property prices of a little over 40% in 5 - 6 years.

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